I like to see the common.  I mean really eyeball, take a good, hard look, stare for a little while and notice the details, the crooks, the crannies, in this case the fluff.  The dandelion, with such prolific potential as to result in making itself mundane, like old fashioned animal crackers at the gourmet chocolate buffet. So much to give the world and what happens?  Cursed and poisoned and ripped out by the roots – Get Off My Lawn!!!!

But of course, we love the rose, don’t we?  A flower that is a trial to grow, needing doses of fertilizer and pruning all the while its thorns ripping us to shreds if we dare get too close.  Yes, the rose is a beauty – an elusive, petal-dropping, black-spotted beauty.  Beauty wrapped in neediness with a side of band aids.  The belle of the garden.

And we wonder where we got off track.

-Ann James Joles

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