Sea Shell Mandala

Mandalas are not new for me, nor is my goal precision. It is about the process of creating and the inevitable and necessary destruction of that creation. It is about allowing the idea in my mind to become reality, and by reality I mean something completely different than what I was envisioning in the first place. Rarely, if ever, have I set out to make a mandala and had it look anything like I imagined. It is about knowing when something is finished, not screwing it up, and being free to move on.

I have been collecting shells and rocks and bits of things in my pockets since I realized I had pockets, but even I was surprised that I had this many matching shells. And I have more. And more ideas. The white flowers in the backyard are pretty much shot for this year, but the reds are starting to bloom, and the pansies are still thriving. And twigs and sticks. I have a lot of twigs and sticks.

Ann James Joles

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