Personal Update

Seems like it is time for a personal update here on the Joles Photography blog.

So, by now, everyone should know that I have been sick for quite some time now.  I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease back in January of this year.  On March 13th, I left work to start short-term disability, with the hopes of going back to work in a few weeks.  Today, June 18th marks my last day of short-term disability coverage.  I have been home for over 3 months and pretty much feel as sick today as I did when I started.   I have applied for long-term disability through my employer and it may be a few weeks before we hear anything regarding approval status.  However, due to the nature of my illness, we fully expect to be approved and everything sorted out by the middle of July.

We received notification earlier this week that my employer needs to move on and fill my position at the credit union.  With that said, my official last day will be June 30th.

We are looking at this as a positive. Yes, this is a challenging time for both Ann and I.  Yet, we are focused on the possibilities that the future holds!  Ann is looking for work.  So, if anyone knows someone who can use a feisty blond that can help anyone get through college, I have a gal for you!  While I am focusing on getting better, I will be working to resurrect Joles Photography.

With that said, I would like to announce my retirement from the IT world.  I have spent the last 30 years working with computers.  Started in the Air Force as an Electronic Computer Systems and Switching Specialist (305×4 e-shred) and spent 9 1/2 years learning about computers and life.  The past 20 years have been spent in the “Real World” as us “Wing Nuts” would call it.  Working in public accounting, healthcare, mental health and finally in the financial sector.  All doing IT related systems work.  I am proud of my accomplishments and look fondly upon the memories and everyone I worked with, well most everyone. 🙂

7 years ago, I closed Joles Photography because I was exhausted.  I was working my day job at the credit union and I was shooting 4 seniors each weekend during the busy season and doing their sales sessions during the evenings each week.  I just could not do it any more. Little did I know, that was during my early stages of Lyme disease.  I pretty much walked away from the camera, only picking it up to shoot a concert here and there.

For the time being, I am focusing on my health and getting better.

When the time is right Joles Photography will return under a new business model.

Stay tuned folks, shit is getting real!

One thought on “Personal Update”

  1. Wishing you and Ann nothing but tbe best!!
    When you’ve got that camera back in your hands, we’ve got a pretty awesome grandbaby that needs some professional photos taken. 🙂