Timing is everything

Timing is everything.

If you grew up on a farm as I did, you know that timing is everything – when to plant, when to tend, when to get the crop harvested before all hell breaks loose and all is lost. I wouldn’t have been much of a farmer.

We have a tiny urban lot and are blessed with substantial shade. The only perennials that grow easily, and by that I mean really thrive, are the traditional, well-suited hosta and day lily. And chives.

Chives. I don’t seem to be able to kill these things. And I’ve tried. They pop up first thing in the spring, send up a heavy show of purple orbs, leech their chicken soupesque, oniony odor into the air, and then on day BAM! it’s too late. If I’m not on the ball and have the little seed orb bombs plucked off and removed from the property, I have a full infestation of chives the next year.

I’m happy to report that this year the chives’ orbs have been sent to the curb in the trash in a timely manner. But I was in a hurry. Let’s just say the chives aren’t quite so perfect as this image. Remember those elementary school photos – you know the ones taken right after our mothers tried to cut our bangs? Yeah, like that.

Ann James Joles

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