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About Us

About Joles Photography

Joles Photography is the brain child of Christopher Joles. Since being a teenager, he’s loved two things – having a camera in his hands and rock and roll. Chasing his crazy little dream of photographing rock stars, he honed his photography skills bit by bit. Along with the help of his wife, Ann, they built an award winning portrait studio, and Christopher reached his goal of photographing rock stars with his website, Maine Music News.

Then life happened.

To make a long story very, very short, Christopher is now dealing with chronic Lyme Disease.

Sometimes, life hands you challenges and opportunities all at the same time.

And so, Ann James Joles is now the face behind the camera at Joles Photography. After a career in education and working with young people to help them reach their goals, Ann now brings her creativity and vision to the studio. She’s not that into rock stars, but she does believe that every person has a story, and every photo can tell a little piece of that tale for years to come.

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