14 Oct 2018

A Girl and her Pearls

Ellie. What can I say about this child that isn’t adorably obvious? She’s not quite four months old yet, and watching her change and grow is marvelous. A blessing. She is really grinning now, not just grinning really, more like glowing. Honestly, she lit up the whole studio. And, yes, that hair! I love the hues and gentle edges in these images. All soft and sweet and snuggly. Like Ellie. Sweetness.

11 Oct 2018

To the Moon and Back!

To the Moon and Back. A phrase from a children’s book and quoted everywhere and absolutely indicative of how we feel about this bunch. The County gave us a chilly and gray morning for the Estey family portrait session, but when you live in Northern Maine, you laugh in the face of nippy weather. And so we did. Bouncy grandchildren, happy parents, a good dog, a whole pile of cats, and a tremendous amount of love – that’s life at […]

11 Oct 2018

Miss Kinsley

Yes, she is just as sweet as she looks – just ask her grammie and grampie. We are delighted to present a few of our favorite images from Miss Kinsley’s first photo shoot with Joles Photography. It was a gorgeous Aroostook County October morning – sunshine, a beautiful, happy toddler, a big old apple tree, and a grammie and grampie who just glow. I have to say it – Kinsley is the apple of their eyes! Thank you to Michele […]

12 Sep 2018

Ellie and Max

Ellie and Max came to visit us last week for a quick and entertaining shoot. This was one of those full circle moments for us – their mom, Taylor, was our first senior model when we opened Joles Photography. Time flies and good things happen. Now these two adorable nuggets are following in mom’s footsteps. We could not be happier! Stay tuned for more Ellie and Max, coming soon.

04 Sep 2018


I would like to thank Miss Natasha for spending quite a few afternoons with me this spring. She popped in around noon and stayed for a bit of studio time. I think she was really in it for lunch – “a girl’s gotta eat,” so she says – but I’d like to think she had as much fun as I did. We talked about getting through college – biology class, my disdain for online classes, and how the experts say […]

28 Aug 2018

Joles Photography is Open for Business

Hi Everyone. It’s me – Ann James Joles – and I have an announcement. It is official. Joles Photography is now open for business and accepting clients. Excited high school seniors, bouncy dogs, squirmy children – well, not too squirmy, happy couples, charming families, headshots, you name it – this is the place for quality portrait work. Check out the website, call (207) 922-8826 for an appointment , and let’s get you some great images. The rest of the story: […]

27 Jul 2018


We have been socked in with humidity, dreariness, and the requisite puddles of condensation and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. There are two good things about this type of weather: 1) I have a built in excuse for not doing my hair, and 2) I don’t have to shovel humidity. Beyond those bright spots, drizzle and damp does occasionally lend itself to the interesting image, all melancholy and ethereal – also known as water droplets and […]

01 May 2018

Miss Harley

Miss Harley came to the studio several weeks ago, and then life blew into several hundred pieces. Her family, old friends, have been waiting patiently for her debut on the page. My many thanks to the Bishops for their support, kindness, and help this year – you are all absolute lifesavers. Now to finally give Harley her moment in the spotlight: If you are looking at these images and thinking she’s adorable, you are correct. She is such a beautiful […]

27 Feb 2018

Karma and Pearl

A smile that just melts your heart! As we slowly ramp up to reopen the studio, we have been absolutely blessed with friends willing to help us. Our thanks to Janna for bringing in her beautiful Karma and Karma’s sidekick, Pearl. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. As the girls walked through the door, Chris and I were reminded of many high school senior photo sessions when clients brought along a friend for moral support – Look! […]

21 Feb 2018


“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu Here’s the story: I designed this little snowgirl for my friend, Hope. Fun, generous, willing to do the work to make the world a better place, she embodies the spirit of her name. She likes daisies and sunbeams and most certainly was a hippie in a past life. Hope reminds me to have fun, let go, and laugh out loud. I knew exactly […]