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12 Sep 2018

Ellie and Max

Ellie and Max came to visit us last week for a quick and entertaining shoot. This was one of those full circle moments for us – their mom, Taylor, was our first senior model when we opened Joles Photography. Time flies and good things happen. Now these two adorable nuggets are following in mom’s footsteps. We could not be happier! Stay tuned for more Ellie and Max, coming soon.

27 Jul 2018


We have been socked in with humidity, dreariness, and the requisite puddles of condensation and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. There are two good things about this type of weather: 1) I have a built in excuse for not doing my hair, and 2) I don’t have to shovel humidity. Beyond those bright spots, drizzle and damp does occasionally lend itself to the interesting image, all melancholy and ethereal – also known as water droplets and […]

01 May 2018

Miss Harley

Miss Harley came to the studio several weeks ago, and then life blew into several hundred pieces. Her family, old friends, have been waiting patiently for her debut on the page. My many thanks to the Bishops for their support, kindness, and help this year – you are all absolute lifesavers. Now to finally give Harley her moment in the spotlight: If you are looking at these images and thinking she’s adorable, you are correct. She is such a beautiful […]

27 Feb 2018

Karma and Pearl

A smile that just melts your heart! As we slowly ramp up to reopen the studio, we have been absolutely blessed with friends willing to help us. Our thanks to Janna for bringing in her beautiful Karma and Karma’s sidekick, Pearl. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. As the girls walked through the door, Chris and I were reminded of many high school senior photo sessions when clients brought along a friend for moral support – Look! […]

21 Feb 2018


“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu Here’s the story: I designed this little snowgirl for my friend, Hope. Fun, generous, willing to do the work to make the world a better place, she embodies the spirit of her name. She likes daisies and sunbeams and most certainly was a hippie in a past life. Hope reminds me to have fun, let go, and laugh out loud. I knew exactly […]

14 Feb 2018

Valentines Day 2018

Roses are red, Violets are blue. Snorts and wet kisses from this pug to you! Happy Valentine’s Day

29 Jan 2018

Miss Wilma

It should come as no surprise that Wilma is so good looking – she’s an East Chapman girl. Wilma’s mum warned us that we may have our hands full trying to get images, and we did – in a good way. Wilma is full of sass and fun. She charmed us, hit her mark, ate a ton of snacks, and even gave us some bully kisses. She’s as sweet as she is gorgeous! -Ann

22 Jan 2018

Greyson and Deke – Daddy and Me!

Some guys have it! Greyson brought his dad in for a quick Daddy and Me shoot and just knocked our socks off. A born charmer like his father, Greyson’s grin and sense of fun makes him a natural in front of the camera. (His dad did great, too.) The love between these two is something special to see. What a fun session in the studio – can’t wait to do the outside photos this spring! – Ann

13 Jan 2018

Me and My Big Ideas

This year’s photo project: Snowpeople. Me and my big ideas. Maine winters make people do crazy things, and I’m no exception. I decided it would be fun to do a Joles Photography snowpeople portrait. I tried to think of all the details. If we were snowpeople, what would we look like? What makes us us? People who know us will pick out Chris’ lucky Iron Maiden t-shirt, my leopard print, and the signature sunglasses. There are even Nikons. I made […]

03 Jan 2018

You’ve got to pee sometime, dog!

Ah, the divine joys of Maine weather. What Summer gives us in beauty, Winter just snatches back in bitter. Currently, we are enjoying a deep freeze. (I chose the term “enjoying” because at no other time of the year are we thrilled to reach a high of 12 degrees.) Yes, here we are in a pipe-bursting, face-stinging, “you’ve got to pee sometime, dog” stretch of subzero temperatures that makes 20 degrees and sunny feels like a heat wave. And did […]