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Category : Photo a day

27 Jun 2017

Kitchen Windows and Old Fashioned Pink Roses

My grandmother James had a rose bush, the lightest of pink and quite small. If you looked out the kitchen window just right, craning your neck a bit, you could see the little thing. To be precise, it was planted in the back corner of the lawn by the pasture behind a huge lilac bush. I’m surprised it lived at all, but as my dad always said, “roses are either going to die or nothing is going to kill them.” […]

22 Jun 2017

Timing is everything

Timing is everything. If you grew up on a farm as I did, you know that timing is everything – when to plant, when to tend, when to get the crop harvested before all hell breaks loose and all is lost. I wouldn’t have been much of a farmer. We have a tiny urban lot and are blessed with substantial shade. The only perennials that grow easily, and by that I mean really thrive, are the traditional, well-suited hosta and […]

21 Jun 2017

Don Felder – Black and White

This shot is from 2014 when Styx, Foreigner and Don Felder performed at the Darlings Waterfront Pavilion here in Bangor Maine. Ann spent 20 minutes on the phone with Don yesterday talking about the new tour with Styx and REO Speedwagon.  What the fans can expect from the show in August. Along with sharing a few other fun tidbits about life with the Eagles, Hotel California and what he does in his  down time.  It was a joy to sit […]

20 Jun 2017

Black and White – Zebra

Lacking inspiration today I reached back into my South Africa files.  I really like high contrast black and white images.  Black blacks and bright whites, not that bleak grey stuff.  So, with that said, I just started an online black and white class to hopefully bring my black and white work to the next level.  Zebra’s seem like a great place to start.  They have both black and white.

19 Jun 2017

Chive Blossom – Almost There

Something about this lone blossom, awaiting its turn in its cycle of life. Just something to keep my brain working and going in the right direction. Thanks for following along with me on this little journey.  Your kind words of strength and reassurance mean the world to me. Each day we are one step closer to where we want to be.

17 Jun 2017

Orange is the New Black – Coastal Style

When we lived in the Salt Lake Valley many, many years ago, people were always excited to hear that I was from Maine. “Oh, is it just as gorgeous as the photographs?” “I’ve always wanted to see Maine, the coast looks so beautiful.” “We went there when I was little. It was so pretty.” That was heart warming to hear, so far from home. Then we would chat, and inevitably, I’d tell them I was from Northern Maine – nearly […]

16 Jun 2017

From The Inside Looking Out

I’m not sure how daily bloggers find the words each day.  Taking a photo or having a photo a day to post is hard enough.  Finding something funny and witty to say, ya, that art is lost on me. So, this shot was done specifically for Ann.  She had been talking about wanting to see what the mandala looked like from the inside looking out. Side note:  If these photos and posts are resonating with you, please feel free to […]

15 Jun 2017

Sea Shell Mandala – Sea Shell Close Up

Here is another perspective of the sea shell mandala we posted yesterday.

14 Jun 2017

Sea Shell Mandala

Mandalas are not new for me, nor is my goal precision. It is about the process of creating and the inevitable and necessary destruction of that creation. It is about allowing the idea in my mind to become reality, and by reality I mean something completely different than what I was envisioning in the first place. Rarely, if ever, have I set out to make a mandala and had it look anything like I imagined. It is about knowing when […]

13 Jun 2017

Duck Brook Bridge – Acadia National Park

Duck Brook Bridge is part of the historic carriage trail system on Mount Desert Island. Stuck in the middle of the woods and blessed with a name straight out of an E.B. White story, the bridge always seemed a bit grand for the trickle of water underneath. Maybe I’ve only been there at low tide, so to speak, and I am sure the design made perfect sense to the Mr Rockefeller. Funny, I’m not exactly sure how to get to […]