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17 Nov 2018

5 Questions to Help you Decide if Professional Pet Portraits are Right for You

As a photographer, of course I believe in the importance of professional pet portraits but not for the reason you would probably guess.  I love the portraits I have, but it’s the ones I never had taken that have shown me just how special it is to have a portrait of a beloved pet.   

Life is busy.  Things happen.  For many of us, the thought never even crosses our minds.  I get it.  But if you’ve read this far, I bet you’re wondering if it’s time to think about portraits for your favorite furbaby.   

Here are some questions to help you decide.

15 Nov 2018

2018 Bangor Concert Season in Review – Jason Aldean, High Noon Neon Tour

Jason Aldean, High Noon Neon Tour, Bangor’s Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion, May 27, 2018
Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion, Bangor, Maine, opened its 2018 summer concert season with a big night of country music. This genre is heavy on this year’s line up so get out your boots and let the Jack start hitting the Coke. First up: Jason Aldean’s High Noon Neon Tour.

13 Nov 2018
Pet portrait session of a very muscular boxer dog in Bangor Maine at Joles Photography 15

Ruby’s Pet Portrait Session

From Boxer puppy to full grown beauty in a flash – Ruby’s Pet Portrait Session

Time flies and Miss Ruby is proof. Look at this gorgeous girl!

I swear it was only last week that her mum and dad brought her home to Bangor, a tiny Boxer puppy, all big feet and floppy. Visiting her for a good dose of puppy breath and cuteness was on my list of things to do. I swear. But it didn’t happen. Time got away from me. And now she is all grown up, nearly two years old.

05 Nov 2018
cutest english bulldogs in bangor maine

The Cutest English Bulldogs in Bangor Maine – Toro and Stitch – Pet Session

Okay, these two adorables really live in Hermon, but they came to my Bangor studio Saturday morning and spread their wrinkly sunshine. There’s something about dogs with wrinkles, isn’t there?

29 Oct 2018
engagement photo guy kissing woman

It’s all about the fairy tale – Kori and Dan – Engagement

Once upon a time, in a stable far, far away, there was a beautiful, auburn-haired girl who loved horses. She could ride, she could jump, and she could muck out a stall with a smile. One day, she met a handsome young man who loved horses, too. As luck would have it, he owned a ton of race horses. He took one look at that gorgeous, feisty ginger and knew he had found his true love and a crack stable hand. A few dozen times to the winner’s circle and a diamond ring later and they were engaged. A match made in heaven.

18 Oct 2018
lifestyle portrait young lady outside in the fall 04


When Anneka asked about portraits, I said what’s the special occasion? Her answer was simple – she hadn’t had portraits for a few years, and it was time. That’s my kind of woman.
Most of us only consider portraits for our major life milestone moments. While that makes sense, it also overlooks a lot of magic – such as all that time when we are evolving and stretching and becoming even more amazing every year, even every day.

14 Oct 2018
baby girl on pink closeup

A Girl and her Pearls

What can I say about this child that isn’t adorably obvious? She’s not quite four months old yet, and watching her change and grow is marvelous. A blessing. She is really grinning now, not just grinning really, more like glowing. Honestly, she lit up the whole studio.

And, yes, that hair!

I love the hues and gentle edges in these images. All soft and sweet and snuggly. Like Ellie.


11 Oct 2018
large family photo outside aroostook county

To the Moon and Back!

To the Moon and Back. A phrase from a children’s book and quoted everywhere and absolutely indicative of how we feel about this bunch.

The County gave us a chilly and gray morning for the Estey family portrait session, but when you live in Northern Maine, you laugh in the face of nippy weather. And so we did. Bouncy grandchildren, happy parents, a good dog, a whole pile of cats, and a tremendous amount of love – that’s life at Grammie and Grampies’ house. What a wild and wonderful place to grow up!

Hope and Jim, to the moon and back.

11 Oct 2018

Miss Kinsley

Yes, she is just as sweet as she looks – just ask her grammie and grampie. We are delighted to present a few of our favorite images from Miss Kinsley’s first photo shoot with Joles Photography. It was a gorgeous Aroostook County October morning – sunshine, a beautiful, happy toddler, a big old apple tree, and a grammie and grampie who just glow. I have to say it – Kinsley is the apple of their eyes! Thank you to Michele […]

12 Sep 2018
baby on white hair sticking up

Ellie and Max

Ellie and Max came to visit us last week for a quick and entertaining shoot. This was one of those full circle moments for us – their mom, Taylor, was our first senior model when we opened Joles Photography. Time flies and good things happen. Now these two adorable nuggets are following in mom’s footsteps. We could not be happier! Stay tuned for more Ellie and Max, coming soon.