Freyja, the Goddess of Love

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Freyja, the Goddess of Love

I believe in love at first sight and self-fulfilling prophesies. Go ahead and call these two ideas hocus pocus, but before you do so, take a look at the images from Freyja’s portrait session.

Isn’t she lovely? If your heart doesn’t just immediately melt with love looking at this beautiful golden retriever you need to check your pulse.

You probably already know that Freyja is the Norse goddess of love – okay, she’s pretty much the goddess of everything, but we are going to focus on one thing at a time, and right now that thing is love because the whole world can always use more of it – and this furry Freyja clearly knows a lot about love.

How do I know?

Freyja was supposed to be the star of this session, and of course, she was such a good girl and as sweet as can be. She was particularly comfortable when her people, Kelly and Phil, were right beside her. It seems that this lucky girl is the center of attention at home. So we obliged her.

Here’s where this gets love goddess crazy: Kelly and Phil are engaged, and we were discussing engagement portraits, but they weren’t sure they would bother with that tradition. The goddess of love, however, had other ideas, and these portraits appeared. Unplanned and informal, these are some pretty awesome images to mark and celebrate an engagement. Clearly, Freyja gets what Freyja wants.

I’m not sure why Freyja was named after such a powerful Norse figure, but this beautiful girl takes her namesake seriously.

All our best wishes for a long and happy life!

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Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles is a photographer in Bangor Maine that specializes in custom portraiture of babies, children, families, engagements, couples, high school seniors, pets and business headshots. Discover the Joles Photography Experience!

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