Hayden James Polyot – Newborn Session

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Get ready to melt – the newest member of the James clan has arrived! All teeny tiny and perfect, all ten fingers and toes, and already loved and cherished. Congratulations to his parents, Amy and Sean! And all the grammys, grampys, and everyone else, too!

Hayden’s mom is my first cousin’s daughter. We grew up years apart but in the same corner of East Chapman. Clearly there is a family resemblance – we just have to open our mouths and James falls out. You can take the girls out of The County, but you can’t quite ever get The County out of the girls.

I believe that every baby shines a light on family memories and stories, and Hayden is no exception. In fact, his name, Hayden James, memorializes Alice Hayden James, my grandmother, his great-great grandmother. When I learned he would be named after her, I was truly thrilled. I didn’t know Grammy long, but I adored her. In fact, some of her things are my most cherished possessions. The quilt in the photos is her own creation.

This is the first portrait session for Hayden in what will be a nice big collection of images capturing his first year. I hope he likes sitting in potato baskets – it’s sort of a James family thing. Feel free to call me crazy, but I keep hearing his Great Grammy Ruth’s voice – “So many pictures, Ann. Does he need so many?” Yes, Aunt Ruth, yes, he does. She would have loved this little boy.

And that brings me to Hayden’s Grammy and Grampy James. No pressure, but you two are now the reigning Grammy and Grampy James for our branch of the family tree. He’s a lucky boy to have a childhood ahead of him full of love and of course, East Chapman. And Jane, I am not done with the sweet little hunny pot you made for him. If he still fits, I’m taking another crack at it. Jameses never quit, we just outgrow things.

Thank you, Amy and Sean, for asking me to photograph Hayden. I am so happy to be his official photographer and have the chance to see him grow and change.

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles is a photographer in Bangor Maine that specializes in custom portraiture of babies, children, families, engagements, couples, high school seniors, pets and business headshots. Discover the Joles Photography Experience!

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