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“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness.” – Desmond Tutu

Here’s the story: I designed this little snowgirl for my friend, Hope. Fun, generous, willing to do the work to make the world a better place, she embodies the spirit of her name. She likes daisies and sunbeams and most certainly was a hippie in a past life. Hope reminds me to have fun, let go, and laugh out loud.

I knew exactly how I wanted this snowgirl to look. I did all the props, fine-tuned the details. When it was time to shoot, after much hesitation and shifting around the backyard, it all came together – the sun popped out, poked its beams between the neighbors’ houses, and gave me golden light in the darkness.


But that’s not really the whole story this week. You see, I love my friend, Hope, to the moon and back, and it isn’t because she shines so much light into the world. No. She owns a bar. She will kick your ass. She’d rather be your friend, help you out, and give you a second chance, but if she needs to, if you just can’t learn your lesson, she will launch on you like a mumma bear and throw your stupid in the street. You’ve got to love a woman like that.

After this week, I am reminded that we need this sort of hope; the kind that loves wide open, believes the good fight can actually win, and says enough is enough when things just must stop. Luckily, we have thousands and thousands of teenagers and Americans ready to launch, signs and bullhorns ready, broken hearts pouring out, taking hope in their own hands. You’ve got to love hope like that.

God speed.

“You’ve got to be one that, wherever you are, like a flower, you’ve got to blossom where you are planted. You cannot eliminate the darkness. You cannot banish it by cursing darkness. The only way to get rid of darkness is light and to be the light yourself.” – Cory Booker

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles is a photographer in Bangor Maine that specializes in custom portraiture of babies, children, families, engagements, couples, high school seniors, pets and business headshots. Discover the Joles Photography Experience!

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