Oakley – The Sweetest Christmas Puppy Ever

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Oakley puppy in a basket - puppy session at Bangor Maine Pet Photographer Joles Photography

Here is a little Puppy Therapy photo collection to make you smile: Oakley, the sweetest Christmas puppy ever.

Christmas season is hectic. Sugar cookies, stockings hung by the fire with care, and twinkling lights aside, the holidays are stressful, and this week has been nuts. Nuts. And we are all feeling it.

I really needed a good Puppy Therapy session. Photographing dogs means I get to play with dogs. And puppies are my absolute favorite.

Oakley’s auntie brought him to the studio for a quick new puppy photo session. He’ll be back in a few weeks and in a few months so we can all see how much he’s grown and how handsome he becomes.

This little guy is going to be sizable, and by sizable I mean probably huge. Only ten or so weeks old now, his canine ancestry of mastiff and possibly St. Bernard will kick in soon and those paws will start to look logical. And speaking of those paws, it is impossible to watch Oakley pad across the floor and not smile; he walks like he’s wearing flippers. Man, he’s cute!

As adorable as can be, I just have to add that Oakley is one relaxed, go with the flow guy. He has to be. He lives in a house full of children. With the disposition of a teddy bear, Oakley steals hearts, naps on the couch, and takes toddlers in stride.

The fun of photographing dogs, for me at least, is trying to figure out what they need to be comfortable to get the shot. What’s going to work? We tried everything with Oakley. So what did he want? A nap. Once his auntie picked him up, he snuggled in, lids closed, and bingo. The puppy was pooped. After a tiny snooze, he nestled into the basket, lifted his adorable little face, and presto we got it – what I like to call the Puppy Breath shot.

A special thank you to Oakley’s family and auntie for bringing him to the studio. I can’t wait to see him outgrow this basket!

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles is a photographer in Bangor Maine that specializes in custom portraiture of babies, children, families, engagements, couples, high school seniors, pets and business headshots. Discover the Joles Photography Experience!

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