Ortiz Family

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Happy people. As a family photographer, I live for happy people. You would think attractive people would be my favorite, right? No. Hands down, give me happy people.

And the Ortiz family? Very happy people. And good looking. And funny – really funny.

In full disclosure, we are neighbors with the Ortiz family. Have been for years. The sort of neighbors I like – friendly and pleasant, willing to share the latest news, and would come see what’s up for a blood curdling scream. You know, the best sort of neighbors.

I could tell stories about watching Josh grow up – he’s been entertaining as well as polite – but I doubt he’d appreciate that. I could remark on Anneka’s uncanny ability in front of the camera, but I’ll let that speak for itself. I could point out how beautiful Jen is and how Steve is incredibly proud of his family, but I think it’s plain to see that in these portraits. Even Bishop, the dog, is a good boy.

So what can I say? Easy – Thank you!

My father often remarked how much he enjoyed hearing people laugh. He was right. Laughter. It’s magic.

That’s what the Ortiz family brought to my Bangor studio. It is wonderful to see and hear a family genuinely enjoying one another: laughing, joking, sharing stories, and being happy to have one another.

My wish for every family: Be happy to have one another.

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles is a photographer in Bangor Maine that specializes in custom portraiture of babies, children, families, engagements, couples, high school seniors, pets and business headshots. Discover the Joles Photography Experience!

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