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At Joles Photography we believe that portrait work, and everything about it, should be simple, timeless, client-centered, and affordable.

Life is hectic but getting great photos to enjoy for a lifetime can be easy and enjoyable at Joles Photography. The photography industry has changed a lot since we opened our studio over a decade ago, and we embrace the changes that technology brings while providing a fun experience and high quality portraits.

We are now a 100% digital studio so that you can use your images as you wish at a very fair price. If this sounds like having your cake and eating it, too, well that’s what we want for you – a great experience, beautiful images, and the freedom to enjoy your images in the format you desire.

We opened our doors over a decade ago, and things have changed a bit since then. While it is still the team effort of Ann and Christopher Joles, our roles have shifted.

Ann James Joles


Ann James Joles

Ann James Joles is now the eye behind the camera at Joles Photography. After a career in education and working with young people, Ann brings her creativity and vision to the studio. She’s not that into rock stars, but she does believe that every person has a story, and every photo can tell a little piece of that tale for years to come. Honing her skills alongside Christopher for many years, Ann’s photography is created with the same attention to detail and timeless portraiture the studio is known for.

Christopher Joles

House Elf

Christopher Joles

Christopher Joles combined his love of photography and rock and roll into award winning portrait work and jaw-dropping images of rock stars. Owner of Maine Music News, a website covering concerts across Maine and the Boston area through photographs and reviews, Christopher has now photographed many a rock star with many more on the bucket list. Due to illness, he is taking a break from behind the camera at the portrait studio, but he is still on hand to help as he is able.

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Ann James Joles

Owner / Photographer

Ann James Joles